70,596 new blocks & counting…

Some upcoming reorganization

Olympia is a bit of a mess. The code structure is a bit thrown-about, and it could really do with some reorganization. I’ve also started thinking about how I want to expand olympia beyond simple Blocks & Items. For example, I’m thinking of adding in a lot of RPG elements – like combat skills, mana, spells, all sorts of things like that. But I’d rather make it so that people don’t have to get everything and have pieces that they don’t want. Maybe someone doesn’t want to fuss about with the RPG aspects, you know?

So I’m probably going to spend some time organizing my codebase, and making some modular expansions for the Olympia system. A couple come to mind already: RPG, Vehicles & Siege Weapons, NPC/Mobs, and a Quest System. Technically, I can also separate the crafting system into another module, too.

Metal Content Recommendations

Hephestus adds a bunch of content – but even so, it may not be enough yet. I draw inspiration from a few sources: mythology, sciences, even other mods I’m not ashamed to say. If this mod has the effect that I want it to, it’d be a good idea to start including even more content. Give me your recommendations – what other kinds of metals do you want to see added to Hephestus? Feel free to fill out this form, and I’ll consider it.

Of course, you could totally always add your own Olympia Addon with your own metal flavours – but even so – why have 30 addons when 1 addon will do, you know?



Going on holiday for a week without internet. I’ll probably be adding one or two bits of content (maybe finally get that UV thing sorted, or make the things in the API Profiles mean something) while I’m gone, but I won’t be able to push any updates until I get back.

Peace and long life,

Dokucraft support

Unfortunately Dokucraft.co.uk is currently down due to a code-splosion. I empathize with them – whole heartedly.

Until they get their site sorted out, I’m putting the dokucraft texture pack up on the downloads page, as well as the Temple Addon pack. I’ve said this, like 20 times and I’ll say it again: Respect the original authors Don’t distribute textures generated with temple using this pack unless you have permission, or you distribute them through the thread on MCForums.net (when the site is back up, chances are the admins will put your mod’s support pack on dokucraft.co.uk).

I also forgot to mention – there’s a new version of Temple out that fixes another bug, plus it adds some example entries to the config.js to get you started.

Another batch of tutorials

I’ve finished the basic tutorial videos and wrote up a quick guide to the Slug identification system. I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Anyways – I’m off to liverpool for a week, so I’ll sadly be a bit out of touch. When I get back I plan on poking a bit of buggy code for Tile Entities, messing with the UVs of the slopes and lanterns, and get the various API profiles fully functional. after that, it’s time to mess about with Decorations :3